What To Choose Kodular VS Flutter To Develop A Mobile Application?

What is Flutter and why use it for App Development?

Developed by Google, Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework. The framework allows dedicated developers to create high-performing hybrid apps using a single code base.

What is Kodular and why use it for App Development?

Kodular is a free source and lets everyone be the creator, it needs no java or coding knowledge. Making an app on Kodular is like solving a block puzzle, it has innovative language (in other words code block) blocks. So to make an app all you have to do is connect the right blocks and if the function is not compatible then look for another block.

What’s the preferred choice?

Both these platforms have carved a remarkable impact in the digital space but they have their own audiences and user base. They are different in many ways

Why Should a Business Consider Hiring Dedicated Flutter Developers?

From startups to established MNCs, everyone is looking to incorporate this application development framework. Using this SDK has proved profitable for businesses that have leveraged their potential benefits.

Top benefits of Flutter App Development

Flutter app development comes with ample benefits. It is a prominent choice of developers for its quality support that fulfills the demands of clients and helps turn ideas into an app with quick time to market. In addition to offering features that allow developing something unique and innovative, flutter for developers is an effective option as it allows them to work within a set budget limit.

Flutter Benefits for Business

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Flutter’s popularity is increasing among enterprises for its cost optimization feature. It helps businesses save significantly on app development. Unlike, native solutions that require investing twice the amount flutter bring down the investment to half. It lets you develop a single application to be used across several platforms. That’s where expenses reduce to minimal. Plus, there is an appreciable reduction in the time involved in the development process.

2. Rich & User-Friendly UI

Flutter offers an appealing user interface to allow you to create applications that please the audience and insists them to follow your brand. From combining different attractive widgets to producing elaborate UIs, Flutter provides endless opportunities to create an app that looks and works flawlessly.

3. Fast Time-to-Market

Flutter speeds up the development process by 20% to 50%. It offers a highly efficient toolkit and a fast rendering engine. Plus, it supports Dart language for developing a cross-platform coding base to ensure fast time-to-market. Thus, Flutter allows you to achieve efficient synchronization to assist the on-time delivery of the product.

4. Native Feel and Performance

Flutter app development assures close-to- native speed and user experience. The server requests, platform API, and file handling has no impact on application performance. Using Flutter functionalities like Skia 2D graphics, responsive applications can be created to meet business purposes. As such, for fast, stable, and simple applications Flutter is an ideal choice.

5. Improvise Existing Apps

One of the notable benefits of Flutter is that it can improvise existing apps by simply appending its module template or package to the application codebase. This allows introducing new UI components to both native and non-native apps.

Flutter Benefits for Developers

Until now, over 2 million dedicated developers have adopted Flutter for app development and have realized its potential benefits. Mentioned below are the major benefits as stated by the top dedicated Flutter development specialists in India.

1. Open Source Framework

Flutter is an open-source project that makes it easily accessible. Developers can use their tools and features for free. Moreover, with Flutter as framework developers enjoy a lot of flexibility. Using agile practices they can tweak the project attributes to suit business requirements. Thus, using the Flutter framework developers can work more productively.

2. Amazing Widgets

Flutter offers an amazing collection of customizable widgets to create highly functional apps suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems. This collection of reusable widgets assists in developing elaborate UI that looks the same across different platforms. Thus, using flutter, you do not need to search for apt design elements elsewhere.

3. Hot Reload

This is another great benefit that simplifies the task of developers. With Flutter, developers can make real-time updates to the app in a less than second. Besides, Flutter developers work on a single codebase thereby eliminating the need for additional elements to be inserted between the codebase and native UI. Plus, there is no time lag in debugging or upgrading the app.

4. Simple and Easy Programming Language

Flutter follows a fast learning curve. It is convenient, simple, and extremely easy to learn. Dedicated Flutter developers do not need to attain additional expertise, rather just polishing their existing knowledge of Dart can help them with the development process. Even the Dart has clean syntax and involves no logical complexities like other frameworks.

5. Growing Community

Flutter is appreciated for its easy-to-follow documentation and friendly developer community. Ever since its debut, the Flutter developer community is growing continuously with an increase in its number of programmers. It unites the experts and beginners from the industry keen to share their knowledge and experience.

How to Hire Dedicated Flutter developers in India?

Considering the important pointers stated below, you can hire the best-dedicated flutter developer in India.

1. Check the portfolio

The portfolio will provide you a clear picture of the credibility of the developer. Past experiences, associations, and relationships with clients, will showcase how proficient the developer is in understanding different business niches. Thus, assessing the portfolio will provide you a detailed briefing in less time.

2. Open to clients’ and has a better understanding of the business

Your business can adopt digitization well only when your developers have a clear understanding of business processes. If the developer is open to you, raises questions, or exhibits comfort with your business activities, then he/she may be the right option for you.

3. Upfront and reasonable quote

There is no hard and fast rule for selecting a developer based on his fee. Definitely, cheapest may not always be a good option, but even the one who charges exorbitantly may not be suitable either. However, to boost returns businesses need to work on cutting app development costs. The dedicated flutter developers you hire in India should provide a quote upfront. And if they can intimate you in advance about all expenses in a systematic manner, they can take decisions intelligently.

4. Select who is knowledgeable and genuinely available

Developers who can provide you timely feedbacks and can stay in contact with you during peak time are worth considering. Such developers can work effectively on transforming your idea into an app.

To sum up

According to Stack Overflow survey 2020, around 65,000 developers around the globe trust Flutter for app development. These figures show the popularity status of Flutter among all other libraries and frameworks. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that Flutter is leading the technology realm right now. It is a time-relevant development framework facilitating the creation of apps that can effortlessly on different device utilities and OS platforms. For both the developers and businesses Flutter opens up opportunities. While a business can mitigate risks and save cost, developers can work more productively, thereby boosting their revenues.



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