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The world witnessed a pandemic and yes, a lockdown. It took a toll on the economy and personal lives of the people. Every user was online. And, one type of apps that witnessed an upsurge of popularity was the dating apps. There is a plethora of dating apps, and these have become a hit in the market. The popular examples of the dating apps were- tinder, bumble, hinge etc. Now you may wonder why these were equally so popular. It is because of their innovative and impeccable features and unique marketing strategy.

Fun Fact about using dating app Bumble-

Females initiate the conversation, isn’t this nice? So, the boys all around the globe using this dating app can feel a tad privileged.

Some statistics-

Speaking about the Bumble, it is one of the most popular apps in dating history. The foundation was laid by a co-founder of another dating app called tinder.

  • It has around 55 millions of active users in more than 150 countries.
  • Bumble users spend more than 62 minutes on this app.

With the above statistics, you can easily create an app. And, for the same purpose, to help you with the aforementioned there are a plethora of off shore app developers in India.

How does a Bumble dating app work?

As compared to the various other dating apps, the algorithm of the Bumble app is pretty simple. And, you can read the following points to take a note of how the app functions-

- All the users that you have swiped right will appear on the top of the screen.

- It does not take notes of how you swipe and your preferred patterns of swiping right or left it showcases all the profiles that may match with your interest.

- In case you need a break from all the matchmaking you can do so by pausing your account.

Once you know how the app works and its algorithms, the next important point that needs our immediate attention is the set of features the app incorporates-

The first and foremost step we need to take care of before creating a bumble profile & it is to log in your Bumble account.

You can add your pictures and quotes that describe you the best. Or if you have an entire portfolio to showcase, you can do so by connecting the app with your Instagram. The profile is where you can add your age, name, the purpose of being on Bumble and location.

Bumble is an online matchmaking or dating site which allows the app makers to provide you with the most suitable matches based on the location proximity. The best part is that, though it is a sort of online dating, if your connection is in real vicinity you can meet them in real life too.

It is one of the unique features. If your profile is not visible to Bumble user it is of no use. You can further set the discovery settings based upon the age, sex & distance factors.

You will see the potential profile of the matches and hence if you find them appealing enough, swipe right. And, if not, then you can swipe left.

It is yet another feature of the app. Once you both are super swiped and communicating, you can text and connect. And, who knows! If things turn out to be better, you guys can meet in real life too.

The best part about the bumble chat is that you can call or video chat with them. The calls are unlimited, and therefore, you can video call them no matter the times or frequency of calls.

Bumble launched another unique feature in this dating app version. And, it was if you swiped left accidentally then you can undo that. But, to our disappointment, it is available only for the likes of premium users.

It includes that your profile will be highlighted and made visible to all the singles or your matches at just a minimum amount of cost.

How do you tell a person that you are more than impressed in their profile? You can opt for the feature- super swipe. You can notify the person by tapping on the heart icon on their profile.

This feature makes Bumble more distinguishable than the rest of the dating apps. It lets you find a new friend or make business connections.

App Development Process-

  • Add value-
    To create a dating app like Bumble you need to add some value-added features into it. It will make your app altogether successful.
  • Target Audience- After you have collected the general public response alter it according to the desired audience. It will help you add more information.
  • Development ( Technology Stack)-


For Andriod -

Android Studio, Autolayout, Java

Swift, storyboard, Xcode, Autolayout

Database ( for both, android and ios ) -

MySQL and Firebase

Library- For Anriod-

Facebook SDK, Google Maps SDK, Swiping Cards, Google push notification

For iOS-

Facebook SDK, Swiping cards, Google Maps SDK, Google push notification

Monetization Strategy-

Dating apps can help you generate a lot of revenue and income.


  1. In-App purchases
  2. Sponsored Profiles
  3. Subscription

Moreover, Bumble offers the following boost plan-

1. Beeline- Users can help view all the matches and the numbers of people who have liked the profile.

2. Rematch- The basic version allows the matched person to reconnect with the prospect within a time limit of 24 hours. But when you invest in a paid version, you can connect with the prospect even after 24 hours.

3. BusyBee — In this, a user can extend the time limit if his lady crush is engrossed in other work as many times he wants to.

Cost of Developing the Bumble app-

The app development cost depends upon the -

  1. Features to be included
  2. Experience of the technological stack employed

On average, the cost may depend and may range up to $50,000 to $55, 000.

On a parting note, if you want to create a dating app like Bumble and are looking for a right technological stack and wondering whom to contact then you can trust It is a reputed name that can is known to offer top-notch IT solutions such as app development and website development services.

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