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advantages and disadvantages of using PHP

Before directly moving to the advantages and disadvantages of PHP, firstly let’s get a basic idea about PHP and what are the main components of PHP.

So, what is PHP?

PHP, also known as Hypertext Pre-processor is an open-source, server-side scripting language, which is widely utilized for developing web applications and is one of the major languages used in various new applications. The syntax of the PHP language is quite similar to the C language.

What are the main components of PHP?

Components of PHP
Main Components of PHP

1. MVC Architecture:

PHP works on Model View Architecture that separates the model, view and controller files, and thus helps in managing the code. It aids in connecting the database and changes can be made without affecting other modules.

2. Frameworks:

PHP has different frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, Aura and Zend. The framework aids in achieving manageable, neat and clean code, which makes the development process easier for the developers.

3. Web Server:

PHP mainly worked on Apache server and web server software.

4. Database:

PHP is being mainly used with MySQL, however, it can be used with any database.

5. PHP Parser:

This component of PHP is to parse the PHP instructions to HTML code and then send it a web-based browser to display the content.

6. Autosuggest:

The autosuggest feature uses PHP and database MySQL to create a component that is ready to implement the search.

7. Filters:

Filters are utilized to validate the data using filter function in PHP. The filter function helps in checking the invalid input that has been submitted to avoid the break of web pages and security problems.

8. System Functions:

In PHP, the system function is used to open, create, read and write the file.

9. Handle Forms:

In PHP, the forms can handle the data from files, return data to the user, save the data and send the email. PHP can encrypt and set the cookie variable. With the help of PHP, a developer can prevent the user from accessing the page.

PHP is one of those programming languages which comprises of built-in web capabilities. The code written in PHP can be seamlessly embedded into the HTML code through the Script tag. However, web developers cannot write complex web application without executing PHP code through various web frameworks.

In addition to helping with rapid web application development, the PHP frameworks simplify web application development by providing a basic structure. The features and tools provided by these web frameworks help developers in performing web application development without writing lengthy code and add functionality to the web application.

Developers also have an option to choose from a wide range of unlicensed PHP framework. Some of these frameworks are micro frameworks, while other full-stack web frameworks.

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of the PHP framework, which will help you gain a deep understanding of the language.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using PHP
Advantages and Disadvantages of using PHP

Advantages of using a PHP framework:

1. The MVC Pattern:

Model-View-Controller Architectural pattern of PHP framework aids you in organizing your code for easy maintenance. PHP framework allows you to keep data manipulating logic separate from the bits that handle the display, which makes it easy to change the underlying code, without touching the other.

2. Faster development:

PHP frameworks help you create a small, medium-sized application much quicker than you write something from scratch. If you want to complete any project in a short time, you can use a framework to complete the things before time expires.

3. Efficient Unit testing:

Developers have to perform unit testing regularly to evaluate an individual component of a custom web application. A large number of web developers utilize the PHP unit to perform the test efficiently. In addition to being an object-oriented unit testing framework for PHP, PHP Unit aids developers in writing and running tests by code assistance. Many PHP frameworks enable programmers to carry out the work of their task of unit testing in a smooth manner and also support PHP unit natively.

4. Bundled Classes:

One framework includes essential functions and classes for common tasks such as database access, form handling, pagination and more. Moreover, little things like trampling the text of a specific word count also become easy with PHP bundled classes.

5. Cross-Platform:

PHP is an application that can be run on various platforms. One of the biggest advantages of using PHP is that the developer need not worry about the operating on which the user is working as the PHP code can run without any error on any operating system. In addition to this, PHP hosting service providers and server-side scripting language can be found easily.

6. Good Coding Standard:

Another advantage of using a PHP framework is with it you can maintain the coding standard efficiently. The coding convention is a set of guidelines for any specific programming language that recommends practices, methods and programming styles. Using the PHP framework makes it easy for you to code.

7. Security:

The built-in features and tools of the PHP framework make it easy to protect applications from security hazards and external applications. Security hazards can be data manipulation, SQL injection and forgery, etc. To avoid such security threats, developers are utilizing the PHP framework for developing a web application.

Here are a few drawbacks of using PHP framework:

1. Unwanted Code:

You will often find the code library of PHP filled with unwanted code. This may lead to the sluggish working of the server.

2. Not suitable for large application:

It is difficult to use a PHP framework for programming the huge applications. Since the programming language is not highly modular, a huge application created using PHP can be difficult to maintain.

3. External Dependency:

A framework for your application is always externally dependent as it is controlled by anyone other than you. This is not a problem in every case but it is worth considering if you are building the software as a central part of your business.


PHP is one of the most popular programming languages, which is being used for creating a large number of applications. It is primarily used as a server-side scripting language for websites. PHP offers a plethora of advantages; however, it also has some disadvantages. To reap the maximum benefits of PHP, make sure to hire the best PHP developers who can offer you customized PHP solutions.



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