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  • Gigster


    Building high-quality custom software on demand with new technologies & the world’s best talent. Trusted by Fortune 500; Backed by Andreessen, Redpoint, & more.

  • Austin Kodra

    Austin Kodra

    Head of Community and Content — SquaredUp

  • Fran Sevillano

    Fran Sevillano

    Building mobile @LonelyPlanet · http://fransevillano.com. All views my own.

  • Jonathan Saring

    Jonathan Saring

    I write code and words · Component-driven Software · Micro Frontends · Design Systems · Pizza 🍕 Building open source @ bit.dev

  • Alexander Katrompas

    Alexander Katrompas

    Executive Leader, Software Engineer, Professor of Computer Science, PhD student; specializing in AI, Data Science, eCommerce, and Web Application Development.

  • Bernhard Mueller

    Bernhard Mueller

    Hackers (1995) fan • Pwnie Awardee • Former degen trader • P(G(F)) = ∀y q(y, G(F))

  • Scott Stoll

    Scott Stoll

    Freelance Flutter Developer | Speaker | Workshop Presenter. Organizer of GDG Cleveland. Twitter: @scottstoll2017

  • Himanshu Ranjan

    Himanshu Ranjan

    Full Stack Flutter Developer | ML | Firebase | Writer.

  • strategy+business


    The best ideas in business. Follow for the ideas and stories that raise the game for decision makers in organizations around the world.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine

    Entrepreneur Magazine

    Inspiring, informing and celebrating entrepreneurs. Follow us on Medium for stories and insights from our social and community team.

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