Boost the Mobile App Revenue with Proven Tips and Methods

Increase Mobile App Revenue

With over 2.7 billion smartphone users, the mobile application industry is already booming. Mobile App usage is growing at a steady pace, even the least useful apps like Android Flashlight have gained over 10 million downloads with over 500+ million minutes usage.

Small screens are taking over traditional desktops. Watching movies, episodes, shopping, listening to music, or even reading news, Mobile devices are now the favorable method with their rich quality marketplaces that furnishes the user with every kind of applications, From newspaper apps, all the way to shopping apps. But that’s where the trouble begins.

With the total app revenue expected to hit 140$ billion by 2021, everyone is rooting on the app market. Over 4000 applications are published on the play store in a day and millions in a week on the app store, with the same expectations to be the next multi-million application. But only one-third of them get decent downloads because not all applications are useful.

Some have bad user experiences, some are connected with privacy issues or frauds and some are extra-fancy to understand. You need to stand out from the rest, from millions of apps, to be the next multi-million application.

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Here are some proven tips to give your application a head start boost.

Application performance is the most crucial factor to consider in mobile app development. Without a good performance, a user won’t stay in your application and uninstall it right away.

Fast app loading time and bugs and error-free user experience can make your application a million-dollar product. Slow loading times and bugs often raise the app bouncing rates, which results in google pushing it down in the search list.

Testing and measuring the details of your application forms the bottom for world-class performance. After all, Top-Notch user experiences don’t happen by chance.

Convenient Navigation

Conversion rate is equally vital as Top-Notch performance. In simple words, The higher the number of users, the higher will be the revenue generation. This is what conversion rate is all about, but to secure a good conversion rate, (that is a good amount of application users), A applications need intuitive yet simple navigation to furnish the user with an easy to use environment.

Extra-fancy designs can make features complicated and difficult to understand and without a user-friendly design, You are making your application complicated for a user. Simple navigation not only looks good but helps in converting users into loyal customers. In short, Simple navigation is the key to a good conversion rate.

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Although it sounds like a traditional marketing strategy, this strategy works conveniently in the digital world. People are distracted and easily get bored with the same products or services, it is clever to pass on to them the sense of urgency. You can use the FOMO Campaign, Fear of missing out. Most e-commerce stores still use this method to generate audience interest and increase conversion rates.

Thus, generating more revenue. This is very useful and proven to be effective in the digital marketing world. A right CTA can indicate the user to take action or lose the deal. You can integrate these offers for a limited time every month to boost up sales or services and to get additional downloads.

Trends are the best way to boost revenue and you should take full advantage of the ongoing trends. It is considered the best approach to connect to the audience and make them engage more with the app, which ultimately leads to better sales or retention of ads.

People are used to spending more time on applications going with the flow. For example, AR technologies are at its peak and apps like Snapchat used this technology to create real-time stickers. In fact, Snapchat is solely known for its fun and easy to use AR filters.

Integrating new trendy features to your application helps in attracting new users and they are more likely to interact because of the intuitive yet simple navigation design.

Showing brand awareness and furnishing users with brand loyalty is an essential approach and aspect of a business. Without the trust of users, easy to use navigation, offers and the deal cannot bring high revenue and efforts will go in vain.

There are many ways to develop a sense of brand loyalty with your customers or users. But, the most proven ways are Social media and Genuine reviews.

Genuine reviews on a brand’s social media accounts or advertisements can develop a sense of trust among users or your customers. Also, Testimonials, certificates, and user recommendations are proven ways to boost conversion rate and ad retention.

In short, the more the users stay on your app, the more the retention of ads will be and more likely he will purchase products or services. Communicating with the user is a great way to provide value.

Listen to your customers or users and their feedback to improve the overall performance of your application. Always make sure to remember the values of the users and meet their expectations.

There is nothing more disastrous than a bad review for a mobile application. The success of an app depends on its users.

Retain users by offering them rewards

A lot of applications use reward approaches to retain users such as Google Pay, Paytm, Tinder, red bus, and even Unacademy. More than half of the already registered users Redownload applications for rewards and end up becoming a loyal customer or user. It also raises downloads on marketplaces and helps in brand loyalty as well as conversion rate.

Rewards are also helpful in kicking a dead application. You can re-engage the already registered users with your application by the right incentives or in application rewards.

Future Stats of Mobile app industry

With more than one billion downloads on the Play store and more than 800 million on the apple app store, The mobile app industry is already an essential part of society. According to various reports, IOS developers have earned more than 80 billion dollars till now and it is expected to gain 385% growth till 2021 and total application revenue to reach 140$ billion by 2021.

With these mobile application industry stats, It is essential to understand these effective strategies and proven ways to secure good conversion rates and user retention which directly helps in making a destiny out of the mobile application.

Wrapping Up

The mobile application industry is growing at the speed of light and due to the global pandemic, The use of mobile applications has increased significantly and is going to increase more in the coming years. But, with the growing chart, it comes with a growing competition also.

Users now have hundreds and thousands of alternatives to a mobile application, To stand out of the rest of the millions of apps, you need to adopt various techniques to maximize profit and revenue. For exponential growth and better revenue, You need to use effective strategies and integrate trending features.

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