What is Deno?

Deno a pristine method to compose worker side JavaScript. It solves many of the problems as Node. It was created by the same person as Node. It uses the V8 JavaScript engine under the hood but the rest of the runtime is implemented in Rust and typescript.

Deno may be a safe TypeScript run-time on Chrome V8. It had been initially written in Go and now has been revamped in Rust to remain far away from potential garbage collector issues. Deno is like Node js yet is centered around security. The rationale that Deno made was JavaScript. …

Reactjs vs Angularjs
Reactjs vs Angularjs
Reactjs vs Angularjs

Devices that utilize JavaScript is expanding these days. It can be overwhelming to pick the suitable innovation needed at the right time. Allow us to talk about the two fast-rising technologies utilized these days — React and Angular.js.

React is an open-source library of JavaScript that offers a total bundle of lean engineering and segment-based work processes. It is a specialized language utilized for front-end improvement. It was developed by Facebook to address advanced execution and delivery. The open-source nature of React is a vital benefit that has maneuvered it into a gigantic, energized and exceptionally dynamic local field.


So, you probably have been hearing about a new social media platform: clubhouse app, and starting to feel like you are left out of the club. In this blog, we have covered every minute of details about the clubhouse app because it is unlike other social media platforms. We have explained what the clubhouse app is, how to develop an app like Clubhouse along with estimated development cost.

So let begin

Table of Content

1. What is Clubhouse App?
2. How does Clubhouse work?
3. Common Features of Clubhouse App
4. How to develop an audio chat app like Clubhouse?
5. Steps to Develop…

Have you dealt with the healthcare industry?
Well, surely you might have and would have also heard about HIPAA compliance. If not, let’s understand what does HIPAA means before, we move ahead on how to develop HIPAA Compliant m-Health App?

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that protects the privacy of medical records and personal health information of individuals. It applies to healthcare providers such as doctors, dentists, and pharmacies. HIPAA also covers health insurance companies, government programs, and HMOs.

Now, the question arises do my m-health app need to be I need HIPAA compliant?

The straight…

In an attempt to deliver ambitious and competitive web apps, you must choose the right framework. Looking at the rising need for responsive and scalable websites, JavaScript is considered the preferred programming language. Being one of the simple and relevant languages for app development today, JavaScript aids regular and progressive updates.

When it comes to app developments, developers use quite a few frameworks to develop seamless solutions. And, the most widely-used JavaScript Tools are React Js and Ember Js. But, the trending discussion all over the internet is, which one is better than the other. …

Going mobile-first is the need of the hour for every business — beyond doubt. To become future-proof and expand reach to customers when and where they are, businesses need to connect with them on different devices. With an assortment of devices available and the majority of consumers shifting to smartphone apps over conventional websites, companies cannot ignore the importance of cross-platform app development.

That’s where choosing the right development platform comes into role. Flutter and Kodular both are a popular framework for speedy and effortless app development process offering apps capable of working on several platforms glitch-free.

Despite being a…

It is always easier, quicker, and more effective when specific tasks are given to specific individuals or teams of individuals who have some ideas and expertise in the field. On the contrary, it’s absolutely wreaking havoc when either too many people are working on the same thing in an unorganized way or too few people are taking over all the tasks at once.

This applies in all walks of life, and on, how so, in the IT industry.

When you’re looking to hire programmers, you might find yourself being tempted to hire individuals with average industry experience but a fairly…

Scope of On-Demand Service Apps

Are you often busy and don’t find time to complete your chores?

If yes, then you are not alone, and this happens to all of us as we live in a modern-day world with a hectic lifestyle that sometimes we wonder how to find time to eat and sleep. However, continuous evolution, innovation, and our will to find a solution to cope with the busy lifestyle have brought us to a place where everything can be done on one tap. Yes, we are talking about — On-Demand Service Apps.

We know it might not be easily digestible for you, but…

Increase Mobile App Revenue

With over 2.7 billion smartphone users, the mobile application industry is already booming. Mobile App usage is growing at a steady pace, even the least useful apps like Android Flashlight have gained over 10 million downloads with over 500+ million minutes usage.

Small screens are taking over traditional desktops. Watching movies, episodes, shopping, listening to music, or even reading news, Mobile devices are now the favorable method with their rich quality marketplaces that furnishes the user with every kind of applications, From newspaper apps, all the way to shopping apps. But that’s where the trouble begins.

With the total app…

When developing an app for your business, there’s always this huge dilemma about what platform to choose to drive the best customer engagement.

There are almost 3 million apps on the Google Play Store and slightly less than 2 million on App Store, clearly, this is the day and age of unprecedented cut-throat competition in the world of mobile solutions. According to us, it is the small fundamental choices that you make in the development of your app that make or break your customer’s decision to stay on it for a little longer!

While React Native, the product of Facebook…

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